I'm getting water, but the pressure is really low. What do I do? 

I have no water in the house. What's wrong?​​​​

The first step is a simple one: turn your breaker off and then on again! Sometimes that is all it takes to get the system working again! However, if that does not work, here are the top five reasons for a pump system to fail:

  • Submersible pump failed​

    • Well pumps usually last from 10-20 years under normal usage. If your pump has not been replaced in 15-20 years chances are good that the pump has failed or is failing.  We carry a full line of top quality stainless steel pumps on our van and can usually replace a pump the same day. 
    • Pressure switch failed​

    • The pressure switch tells the pump when to turn on or off as water usage in the house draws down the water in the pressure tank. Most pressure switches are set to activate the pump at 40 PSI and shut off again at 60 PSI. Sometimes something as simple having our tech reset the levels will solve the problem. However, a pressure switch is an electrical component and over time will corrode and need replacement.  
    • Broken wire in well

    • As the pump turns on and off every day the torque generated can cause the wire in the well to rub against the well casing and wear through, causing a short. We will pull the pump and replace the wire and sleeve the bottom 40 feet of wire. This solves this problem and prevents recurrence of wire breaks. 
    • Lightning strike

    • There is something about that metal well head, with a wire going down perhaps hundreds of feet in water to a stainless steel submersible pump that attracts lightning! After a lightning strike the pump may run for a few days or even weeks, but will eventually fail. Fortunately, this is usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance.
    • Leak in pipe​

    • Many wells built in the 70’s, 80’s and even the 90’s utilized white PVC pipe, which is brittle and subject to leaks and breakage. We use black poly pipe which has a 25 year warranty and usually lasts up to 50 years.
    • The best thing to do is to call us at 919-870-8338 for a diagnosis and quote. ​Well pump repair or replacement is NOT a DIY project! Without the proper equipment and safety measures you can make the problem far worse, or even endanger yourself or your family! Let our experienced technicians give you the most comprehensive and cost effective solution to get your water running again.  ​

I have no water in the house. What's wrong?

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