​I have very low pressure in the house. What's going on? 

There are many reasons for low pressure to develop, but there are five main reasons for this problem:

  • Clogged cartridge filter

  • This is a good place to start. If you have a sediment filter it gets clogged over time. Simply replace the filter and the problem should improve. However, if you find yourself crawling under the house on a monthly or even weekly basis you might consider a backwashing system that discharges sediment on a periodic basis and requires little or no service. 
    • Bad pressure tank

    • Your pressure tank has a bladder and utilizes air pressure to regulate water pressure in your house. It typically has a warranty of 5 years, but can last much longer than that. Over time the rubber bladder can crack or tear causing the tank to become "waterlogged". That means that every time water is used in the house your pump is running, and usually the water pressure is lessened. This condition can also severely strain your submersible pump, shortening its life.  
    • Leak in well

    • Older well pump systems often use inexpensive white PVC pipe, which is prone to erosion and breakage over time. We can solve this by replacing the PVC with top quality black poly pipe, which has a 25 year warranty. 
    • Submersible pump failing

    • If your pump is over 10 years old it might be in the process of dying. Usually the impellers will start to slip, which causes water pressure to decline and be inconsistent. We replace your pump with a top quality stainless steel unit. 
    • Obstruction in plumbing

    • There are many points in the system where a build up of minerals or other blockage can over time reduce your pressure. Our trained techs will diagnose the problem and show you the best way to solve it. 
    • The best thing to do is to call us at 919-870-8338 for a diagnosis and quote. ​And, as they say, don't do this at home! Well pump repair or replacement is NOT a DIY project. Without the proper equipment and safety measures you can make the problem far worse, or even endanger yourself or your family! Let our experienced technicians give you the most comprehensive and cost effective solution to get your water running again.  ​

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