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What do I do if I lose electricity for days or even weeks?  

Snow fall, trees falling on power lines, lightning damage or even societal unrest: these are all reasons we have heard that point to the need for a hand pump. Obviously, a pump needs electricity to function. Many of our customers are concerned that with electrical outages due to weather or concerns about the reliability of the electrical system, or perhaps simply wanting to live "off the grid", a hand pump might be the answer. The units available today are far more efficient, and of course do not depend on electricity. They range from a temporary pump which can provide a few gallons at need all the way up to a pump that can service an entire house, and work in wells as deep as 300 feet. 

Removable pump 

 This is the least expensive option, and can be stored until actually needed. It is thin (⅞” dia.), light-weight and flexible *  Loads in Well Next to Existing Pump
*  Freeze Protected w/Removable Handle *  Permanent or Temporary Installations
*  Many Mounting Options Available *  Storable and Transportable
*  Ships in a 36” x 36” Coil  *  Comes in Kits or Custom Lengths

These units can be used from 50-150 feet in depth​

Stainless steel pump permanently installed system. 

This system utilizes an innovative pumping mechanism to push water up from the submerged end, through a hollow sucker-rod, exiting water through the stainless steel handle. It is capable of delivering pressurized water into the household plumbing system. This convenience will enable normal flushing, showering and running water at the sink for washing. This feature is accomplished by pumping water through a high-pressure GatorHyde hose which connects from your pump to an outdoor faucet (or any other available access point). These pumps can be used up to 200' in depth. 

Hand pump for deeper wells

Many wells in our area as as much as 300' deep, This system can accommodate these wells. It fits alongside the submersible piping in nearly all 4" and larger wells, and requires around one fifth the pumping effort needed by comparable pumps.

This system can pump up to 5 gallons per minute. This decreased effort also means you can pump more easily from further down - from as deep as 325 feet water level. And that still takes only moderate effort! The system can fill the average pressure tank, insuring normal water availability inside the house. It gives you full use of all your taps and fixtures.

A solar powered motor kit is also available for this system. 

This is NOT a do-it-yourself project. Call us at 919-870-8338 for a free quote. 

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Traditional hand pump