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​​​How do we treat these problems?

Chlorine, chemical or musty smells, and many other unpleasant odors are best removed by utilization of an activated carbon system. For sulfur odors an easily installed sulfur removal kit at the well head usually solves this problem. . 

How does it work?

We use activated carbon systems to treat several water problems. Activated carbon systems are best for removal of chlorine, dissolved organic contaminants, tannins, color, phenols, and unpleasant tastes and odors. The activation process of carbon determines what absorption and filtering characteristics the carbon will possess, as well as determine what can be filtered out of the water. The availability of numerous types of carbons today make activated carbon filters a versatile solution for a variety of problems. 

What will this cost me?

The average system costs from $300-$1,200.  A sulfur removal kit costs as little as $150. Call 919-870-8338 for a free water test and analysis. 

Chlorine, sulfur or bad odors - call 919-870-8338